DON'T SHOP at Ashley Furniture Las Cruces NM


This is my story, I am an honest hardworking single mother and I don't deserve what is happening to me. Please read and share with the hopes that this will not happen to another person!

Don’t Buy From Ashley Furniture Las Cruces

I have kept quiet and followed all of the required steps but justice, fairness and human decency do not seem to be on my side lately. I have been treated terribly wrong and I feel like I should finally share my story. I am a struggling single mother that has been done very very wrong.

For the past two years I have worked at the Ashley Furniture store in Las Cruces NM. The owner of the store is Wanda Bowman; she shares the responsibilities of this with her son Paul Bowman. Although being grossly underpaid and being offered no benefits I have continued to work there because I am a single mother of three young boys. Their ages are 13, 5, and 2, I do not receive any child support for two of them but I manage and go to college full time as well as work to support us. I have a degree in Interior Design from The Art Institute in Charlotte, NC. I also have years of experience in Interior Design both residential and commercial. I have been doing the interior design of the store for Wanda Bowman for almost a year; I have been featured in the papers due to the work I contributed in the recent remodel of the store. Although I have never heard anything but praises and accolades concerning my work I was paid almost $6.00 less than the starting salary of my position granted to the designer hired before me with the same degree and less experience. But I have a strong work ethic and do not complain, I just decided to continue my education and appreciate the fact that I had a job and that the owners were flexible with my school schedule and never complained. I have never been written up or reprimanded for any of my performance or attendance ever. I have seen the owners do some pretty horrible things to other employees but never thought it would happen to me.

Now it has happened.

My hours were cut one day by Wanda Bowman as I was clocking out to leave for the day. My boss of two years who knows I support three boys on my own cut my weekly hours to 9. Yes nine hours a week, no one can survive that way. So in order to protect my family I filed for unemployment, which is acceptable if your hours are cut that low. It was not personal; it’s a matter of survival. Still I accepted these terms not wanting to lose my job.

The next time I came to work after the Bowman’s had learned I filed for unemployment Mrs. Bowman yelled at me, insulted me, humiliated me in front of co-workers and customers all because “in 40 years no one has ever filed for benefits while still employed”. I don’t know why this affected her to the point of berating me, but she screamed that I was terminated, I was terminated, and I was terminated. And as I stood there crying her son, Paul came out to try and help. At this point she said that I had quit and proceeded to go on about my schedule and hours. None of which was correct or even made any sense. Luckily this part of the conversation is all on recording that has been sent to the unemployment security department in Santa Fe NM.

Why I am writing this is because I learned yesterday that they had the audacity to fight my claim and I was read the letter written by Paul Bowman which is completely about their feelings and about things that had nothing to do with my getting terminated. He wrote that they wanted me to work more so they fired me. What? How when my hours were cut to nine? I just don’t understand.

It is wrong that because they have more money than me that they can treat me like I am not a human. I cannot pay my rent, my bills, and am almost out of money completely to even buy food, and all of this with assistance from the state. I will get my financial aid eventually but how is that going to help my children when we have no food, power, or home? They are holding up my benefits simply because they want the other employees to be afraid to fight them. I am not afraid and I will appeal it and fight till the end. I have the truth on my side, It is just very sad. A woman who gives to charity and wants to have a good reputation in town can turn around and treat her own employees like lowly servants who are disposable and less than deserving humans.

By: Haley Said, a worried single mother

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